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Let’s have a good night’s enjoyment with good food and drink in nice company in our newly built premises …


Monday-thursday 11:30 to 00:00
Friday-Saturday 11:30 to 01:00
Sunday 11:30 to 21:00

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Our menu is an exciting mix of our classics that are being seasoned with the season’s news. Finishes best with one of our good desserts!

Our chefs always do their utmost to make your visit to Tycho Brahe a pleasant experience!

Monday – saturday between kl 11.30 – 21.30 and sundays 11.30 – 21.00


Garlic Bread 45:-
Served with with tzatziki


Tychos Toast Skagen 85:-
A classic, shrimps on rye bread


Carpaccio 1/1 85:- 1/2 65:
Thin slices of beef filet. Served with pine nuts, parmesan, herb oil, red onions & rocket salad

Aperitif Cocktails

4 or 6 cl.

Tychos Margarita 94:-/130:-
With dark José Cuervo Tequila


Tychos Bubbly Daiquiri 75:-
Strawberry daiquri/Prosecco


Tychos Bloody Mary 94:-/130:-
Vodka & tomato juice


Piccolo bottle Prosecco 89:
20 cl


Strawberry Daiquiris
Bacardi razz/strawberry
4 cl 98:- / 6 cl 134:-
Pitcher incl. 16 cl rom 315:-


Aperol Spritz 85:
Prosecco, Aperol & soda


Tychos Summer pitcher 175:-
Corona, tequila, agave syrup, limejuice & soda. 80 cl. For 2-4 persons


Amaretto Sour 94:-/130:-
Amaretto, egg white, syrup & lemon juice


Tychos Fläderspritzer 95:-
Prosecco, elderberry liqueur & soda


Moscow Mule
Vodka, ginger beer, 7-up & lime

Our classics

Tycho Steaks 209:-
220 gr
Tycho Brahe’s sirloin steaks are served with garlic bread, fresh salad and fries


Choose sauce between:
Béarnaisesås • Provençale •
Spicy béarnaise • Pepparsås •
Vitlöks-béarnaise • BBQ-sås •
Lobsterbéarnaise with crayfish tails

Main courses

Salmon Copernicus 199:-
Oven-baked salmon with blue asparagus, cocktail tomatoes, red onions & leeks. Served with bolied potatoes


Fish plank Capella 199:-
Oven baked breaded king flounder on a plank. Served with dill steamed lobster & homemade duchesse potatoes


Beef Fillet Plank Tycho Brahe 249:-
Best piece of fillet of beef, served with root vegetables, béarnaise sauce & homemade duchesse potatoes


Tycho Wienerschnitzel 199:-
Breaded pork cutlet cooked in a classic manner with peas, lemon, anchovy, capers & gravy and fried potatoes


Burger of the Week 139:-
Ask the staff…


Tychos Burgare 149:-
Served with bread, cheese, bacon, pickles, salad, onion rings, dressing and fries


Tychos “Hot” Burgare 149:-
Served with bread, pepper cheddar, jalapenos, bacon, pickles, spicy dressing, sweet potato fries & fried peppers

Pasta and Vegetarian Dishes

Pasta Neptunus 159:-
Fresh Tagliatelle with garlic, chili oil, cocktail tomatoes & sugar peas. Choose between chicken 159:- or shrimp 169:-


Pasta Gallileo 159:-
Smoked salmon in a creamy sauce with taste of spinach, dill, horseradish and leek. Served with fresh pasta tagliatelle


Vegetarian Pasta 129:-
Choose sauce between “Hot” Pasta sauce or Gallileo sauce. Served with fresh pasta and mixed vegetables


New Vegetable Steak 139:-
With garlic bread, salad and sweet potatoe fries. Choice of sauces in Tycho’s Steaks

Kids Menu

Hamburger 59:-
with fries


Meatballs 59:-
with mashed potatoes or fries


Ice Cream 39:-
with chocolate sauce & cracker


Heise Liebe 65:
Vanilla ice cream with warm raspberrys & whipped cream


Chocolate cake 59:-
Served with wipped cream


Tychos homemade Cheesecake 75:-
Sometimes it comes with raspberry flavor, sometimes with lime or something else… Ask the waiter about todays taste. Served with our good vanilla ice cream

Coffee drinks

4 eller 6 cl.

Jamaican Coffee 92:-/128:-
Tia Maria & dark rom


Irish Coffee 92:-/128:-


Swedish Coffee 82:-/118:-


Café Dom 92:-/128:-


French Coffee 92:-/128:-
Baileys & Cointreau


Coffee or Tea 20:-

Pub- and lunch menu

Served monday – sunday 11.30-17.00

Ceasarsalad 95:-
Chicken & Bacon 105:-
Shrimp 115:-
After 5 pm:
Chicken & Bacon 125:-
Shrimp 135:-

Egg & Bacon 89:-
with fried potatoes

Garlic bread 45:-
with garlic crème

Potato pancakes 89:-
with cranberries & bacon

Smoked salmon 119:-
with boiled potatoes & lime crème

Tychos Shrimp sandwich 95:-
A classic, served on rye bread

Tycho Burger 119:-
with bread, cheese, bacon, salad, dressing & fries

Tychos small Wienerschnitzel 99:-
with peas, gravy, lemon & fries

Small Beef Steak 109:-(After 5pm 129:-)
with fries, sauce béarnaise / pepper / garlic béarnaise

Tychos Beef/Bacon Mix (110 g) 109:-
Sirloin steak, duschesse potatoes, bacon & leek topped with spicy butter

The Restaurant

Our restaurant has something for everyone, whether you want a romantic dinner, have lunch or arrangements for larger parties such as birthdays and company parties. Awesome atmosphere & friendly staff you get on the purchase …


Free wi-fi to all of our customers!

The Bar

We got everything from regular draft beer to non-alcoholic alternatives. Welcome to the bar!


Restaurang Tycho Brahe
Östergatan 3
261 31 Landskrona

Telephone 0418-200 20


Monday-thursday 11:30 to 00:00
Friday-Saturday 11:30 to 01:00
Sunday 11:30 to 21:00

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